Drink Me Chai Mango Chai Latte is a powdered blend of spices with mango, skimmed milk and sweetened black tea. It contains less than 1% caffeine, is Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians. Drink Me Chai pairs fantastically well with a variety of milks including dairy, soya, almond and coconut. Perfect for any weather or season it can be prepared with a steam nozzle and decorated with vibrant latte art or enjoyed over ice as a mango ice chai latte. The 1kg catering tin includes a measured scoop for easy CHAI preparation makes Drink Me Chai perfect for application within foodservice and busy cafe environments.
A powdered blend of spices with mango, skimmed milk & sweetened black tea.

  • PAIRS with a variety of milks including dairy, soya, almond, coconut. Ideal for use in baking. 
  • 68 kcals PER CUP when made with water, 99% Caffeine Free & Gluten Free
  • Enjoy HOT or ICED – use a steam frother to create vibrant latte art or serve over ice.